Angry Teacher TV Series

'Angry Teacher' is a TV Series the show is part of ''Angry Series'' which was ''Angry Dad'' it is owned by B&L Group and currently on Channel 6.

Shows   Channel    Created By   Orignial Run
Angry Dad   Channel 26   Bart Simpson   2008 – Present
Angry Teacher   Channel 6   B&L Group   2009 – 2014
Angry Dad is a American TV Show first aired in 2008 it was announced that the show will be ending in 2016.
Angry Teacher was an American TV Show based on ''Angry Dad series'' first aired in 2008 then again in 2010.
Role    Actor(s)   Note   Year(s)
Teacher   Rainier Wolfcastle  

Lead Role

  2008–10, 12–13
Teacher 2   

Sara Sloan

  Lead Role   2008–10, 2012
Bad Student   Bart Simpson   Lead Role   2008–10, 12–14
Goody Student   Lisa Simpson   Lead Role   2010–12, 2014
Angry Dad   Homer Simpson   Present   2008–12, 2014
Angry Cop   Ned Flanders  


  2008–10, 12–14
Helpfully Mum   Marge Simpson   Former   2012, 2014
know it all Sis   Lisa Simpson   Lead Role   2014Present
Angry Girlfriend   Greta Wolfcastle   Lead Role   2014–2015
Angry Friend   Simon Woosterfield   Lead Role   2010: 2014–
BadFriend   Bart Simpson   Lead Role   2010: 2014–
Good Teacher   Lureen Limpkin    New Role   2014–Present
Mad Dad   Homer Simpson   NEW ROLE   2014 ?
Know It All Friend   TBA   TBA   ?
Rainier Wolfcastle - Angry Teacher (2008–10: 2012–13) (Killed)
Sara Sloan - Teacher 2 (2008–10: 2012–13) (Left)
Bart Simpson - Bad Student (2008–10: 2012–Present) (Quit to do the role of BadFriend)
Lisa Simpson - Goody Student (2010–12: 2013–Present) (Voice over the role of ''Know it all Sister'')
Homer Simpson - Angry Dad (2010–12: 2014) (Quit)
Ned Flanders - Angry Cop (2008–10: 2012–14) (Could be re-turning)
Marge Simpson - Helpfully Mum (2012: 2014) (One of Seen)
Lisa Simpson - Know it all sister (2014–Present) (Formerly Goody Student)
Greta Wolfcastle - Angry Girlfriend (2014) (Killed) 
Simon Woosterfield - AngryFriend (2009: 2014–) (One on screen role)
Bart Simpson - BadFriend (2012: 2014: 2015) (One on screen role)

Angry Dad: The Movie

Angry Dad: The Movie (also known as Angry Dad Movie) is an upcoming Movie based on ''Angry Dad TV Series'' it will be released soon by Ginormous Pictures (B&L Films)


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