B&L Films

B&L Films is a American Film company owned by B&L Inc. 


Film made by B&L Films 

  • The Re-Deadening (2012)
  • The Bloodening (2010)
  • The Happy Little Elves (1990–incorrect)
  • The Harpooned Heart (2012–13) (2014 as Movie)
  • Pukahontas (Award winning Film by Barney Gumble)
  • The itchy & scratchy Movie (Released 2016)
  • Soccer Mummy (2010)
  • Scratchtasia (2012)
  • Happy Little Elves meet The Curious Bear Cub (2013)
  • Pukahontas II

Movies made by B&L Movies

  • Undercover Nerd (made by Rainier Wolfcastle)
  • Angry Dad The Movie (2012)
  • The Happy Little Elves Return (2014)
  •  Mrs Mom (Made by Rainier Wolfcastle) (Originally by Marge Simpson) (2016)
  • Angry Dad II (2016)

Springfield Film Festival

The Springfield Film Festival was a film fastival held by the town of Springfield Marge suggested the film festival as a way to boost the town's reputation, and was surprised when her idea went over so well. 


  • Outstanding animated short: Itchy and Scratchy for ''Four Funerals and a Wedding'' 
  • Best Swedish film: Lisa Simpson for Untitled Swedish Film (a film Lisa speaking in fake swedish. then rotating)
  • Grand Prize: Barney Gumble for Pukahontas ( a film about his struggles with alcoholism)


  • Man Getting Hit By Football by Hans Moleman 
  • The Eternal Struggle by Bart Simpson, directed by Lisa Simpson
  • A Burns for All Seasons by Charles Montgomery Burns, directed by Senor Spielbergo
  • Bright Lights, Beef Jerky by Apu Nahasapeemapetlion 
  • Moe Better Booze by Moe Szyslak
  • Pukahontas by Barney Gumble 
  • The Life of The Mosees by Ned Flanders and Family 
  • Four Funerals and a Wedding by Roger Meyers, Jr
  • What the Pool Boy Saw by the residents of Springfield Retirement Castle. directed by Abraham Simpson
  • Untitled Swedish Film by Lisa Simpson
Juror Members Vote

Jay Sherman


Marge Simpson


Mayor Quimby

A Burns for All Season (bribed)

Krusty the Clown

A Burns for All Season (bribed)

Homer Simpson

Man Getting hit by football (later changed his mind to Pukahontas)

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