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Official logo of Boyz 12 copyright @Responzible Recordz
Official logo of Boyz 12 copyright @Responzible Recordz

The logo of Boyz 12 copyright and ownership of Responzible Recordz

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AY Carumba

Arista Records

Responzible Recordz


Girl you need a shot

Remix Album



On Hiatus



Year Active: 2011–2017 (On Hiatus: 2017–present) (up to 5+ Years)


Boyz Tour:

  • Girl You Need A Shot Tour (2013–14)
  • Girl You Need A Short Remix Tour (2016–17)
  • No upcoming Tour (as of 2017) (due to Hiatus)



  • The boys are Barry, Georgie, Toshi, TJ, Parker, Steve, Snot, Victor, Abraham, Boris, Abraham H., and Constantine


Career History:

 2011–12: Formed and Label

Boyz 12 was founded in 2011 after Snot's Uncle heard Snot, Steve, Barry and Toshi sing as ''Boy Bomb'' he offered they a deal to join a Supergroup with boys from different bands ''Boy Jam'' and ''Boyz with Mouthz''

2012–13: Record Label

the band later were signed to Responzible Recordz to release their album.

2013–14: Girl You Need A Shot

the band released their album ''Girl You Need A Shot'' by Responzible Recordz and Arista Records

2014–17: Girl You Need A Shot Tour

After their ''Girl You Need A Shot Tour'' the band announced a hiatus but could reform in the future.

the band announced they're changing name from ''Boyz 12'' to ''B12'' once they return. In 2017 the band announced they've split up even before their hiatus.

2017–Present: Remix Tour, Hiatus & Possible return

The band announced their world tour ''Girl You Need A Shot Remix Tour'' the band hasn't yet released a new album but Steve said they're working on one. In 2017 Steve announced the band will reform in the future as of now we're doing our own things, I will be with my former band "Boy Bomb" touring

In 2017 the band announced they will not be reforming any time soon. In 2019 it was reported that B12 could be returning.


Steve's Solo

2013–14: Solo deal

Steve signed a solo deal with AY Carumba Records he later announced he is working on a new song

2014–15: Steve Smith Album

In 2014 Steve released his self-title album with AY Carumba Records

2015–16: Second Album and Touring

Steve released his second album ''Is She Not Hot Enough For You?'' and a 3rd album which is unknown as of yet he also planned a tour. Steve announced he will be ending his music career

2016–17: Bad Boy and Boy Bomb

in 2016 Steve announced his new solo album ''Bad Boy'' to be released in 2017, Steve has announced he will be leaving the Band to focus on Boy Bomb

2017–Present: Solo Career and  Is She not Enough

Steve announced 2 New Albums "Is She Not Enough" and An untitled. Steve told Ginormous News that he and Snot are now dating.


Barry's Solo

2014–2017: Solo and Hiatus

Barry signed also with AY Carumba Records but yet to release an Albums. Barry took a long hiatus from music to focus on his other stuff.

2017–Present: Future and Boy Bomb Reunion 

In 2017 Boy Bomb announced the're reforming as they're planning a come back tour after. it was reported that Barry is having counselling due to Toshi not feeling the same as him. Barry announced he is quitting the music business. 


Snot's Solo

2013–14: Record deal

Snot signed a solo deal with B&L Records after Bart signed him

2014–15: Snot album

Snot did an album with Steve in 2014.

2015–16: Snot & Steve, Boy Bomb reunion and Tour

Since B12 went on hiatus Snot and Steve did a new group, Steve and Snot announced that they're reforming their former band ''Boy Bomb'' before returning with B12.

2016–17: Future and Boy Bomb 

Snot announced he will be working on a tour with following band mate and long term partner Steve 

2017–Present: Solo Career and Untitled song

Snot announced his solo career due to Boyz 12 being on Hiatus, Snot signed a new solo deal with Ginormous Music. Snot announced he moved in with Steve and is having sex a lot with him.

Steve Smith Solo

Full Name:   Labels:   Year Active:
Steve Smith   AY Carumba   

2009, 2011present

Snot's Solo

Full Name:   Label:   Year Active:

Arista Records

Ginormous Music

Responzible Recordz


Barry's Solo

Full Name:   Label:   Year Active:

Responzible Recordz

  2009, 2011Present

Toshi's Solo

Full Name:   Label:   Year Active:
Toshi   Responzible Recordz   2009–Present


Toshi told Ginormous News he doesn't love Barry the same way he does with him

B12 Recordz

B12 Recordz was a record label created by Boyz 12's Steve Smith and his band all of the bands records are owned by the Newly formed company. The Label Signed Boy Bomb, B12, Steve Smith and Snot. B12 Records has been re branded as Responzible Recordz 

Boy Bomb

Members:   Label:   Albums:   Year Active:

Steve Smith




   Responzible Recordz   Boy Bomb  



(On Hiatus)


The Band will be on Hiatus until they can sort things out with Barry.



  • Steve (2009–11, 2017–Present) (Snot's Boyfriend)
  • Snot  (2009–11, 2017–Present) (Lead Singer and Steve's boyfriend since 2017)
  • Barry (2009–11, 2017–Present) (Barry announced that he and  Toshi are dating)
  • Toshi (2009–11, 2017–Present) 



  • Steve and Snot are dating since 2017, Steve also said he and Snot haves sex 3 times a day
  • Barry in love with Toshi but does he feel the same? But Toshi doesn't feel the same

Boy Bomb is Steve's frist boy band before him and his friends joined Boy Jam and Boyz with Mouthz snot's uncle Lew Schneider become their managed. Later steve announced Boy Bomb was reforming


2009–11: Formed and Join Boyz 12

Steve and his friends joined Boyz 12 leaving Boy Bomb on Hiatus

2011–16: Hiatus

In 2011 Steve announced the band will be on Hiatus to focus on Boyz 12

2017–Present: Reforming, World Tour Kicks Off & Hiatus

In 2017 steve announced due to boyz 12 being on Hiatus the band will be reforming, Steve announced the band will no longer be known as Boyz 12, In 2019 Boy Bomb announced their world tour kicks off, Steve also announced they has signed a new deal. Barry announced he will leaving the band due to Toshi not having feelings for him. But Toshi told Barry his family wouldn't like gay's. In 2019 The band announced a hiatus, Steve and Snot will be on holiday today and Barry and Toshi will be having some time together. 




  • Boy Bomb (2011)
  • Boy Bomb Returns (2017)
  • Boy Bomb: World Tour Kicks Off (2019–2020)
  • The Return of Boy Bomb Tour (2021–Present)

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