Ginormous Pictures

Ginormous Pictures is a Films Company in Springfield now owned by Mapple Inc. The Chairman is now Charlie Simpson (formerly Lisa Simpson). Is it owned by B&L and Mapple


Films made by Ginormous Pictures:

  • Everyman (Film) (Unreleased)
  • Radioactiveman & Fallout Lad (2016 Film)
  • The Bartman (Film) (Release date 2016) (Joint with B&L Films)
  • Mrs Mom (Movie) (Releasing Date TBA) (Joint with B&L Movies)
  • McBain IV (movie) (Last Ever Co-Production with B&L Films)
  • Angry Dad: The Movie (2018) (Co-production with One-Week Wonder Films)
  • McBain: The Movie (Co-Production with McBain Films)
  • King Dong (2016–Present) (film series)
  • Danger Dude (2008–09, 2017–Present) (formerly produced by BartToon)
  • Sky Police (201718) (produced by Dope Entertainment)
  • The Be Sharps (Film) (produced by BartToon)
  • Brotherly's Love (2020–Present) (On Hold) (COMING SOON)


  • Bart Simpson (President and CEO) (2012–Present) (40%)
  • Charlie Simpson  (50%) 
  • Lisa Simpson (10%)

Key People:

  • Simon Woosterfield  (Vice Chairman) (2012–2017), (Co-Chairman: 2018–2019) (left the co)
  • Rainier Wolfcastle (Chairman) (2012–2016) (sacked)
  • Ned Flanders (Chairman) (2017–18), (Co-Chairman: 2018–19)
  • Alec Baldwin (Chairman & COO) (2015–2016) (was CEO of Krustylu Studios Group)
  • Lisa Simpson (Investor) (2015–Present) (10%)
  • Bart Simpson (CEO/Director) (present)
  • Luke Stetson (Chairman/Director) (2019–Present) (incoming Chairman)
  • Charlie Simpson (Major Shareholder, President & Director)
  • Chloe Talbot (Director) (fired)

Parent Company:

  • B&L Entertainment (B&L, Inc.)
  • Chalmskinn Productions (2012–2015) (Now Investment Company: 2015–19)
  • Mapple Picture Corporation (2015–Present) (Took over Chalmskinn)

Television Series

  • Bart's Bride (2019–Present)
  • Treehouse of Horror (2019–Present)
  • See full list here -> Link


  • Bart Simpson (20%)
  • Dope Entertainment (5%) 
  • Charlie Simpson (50%)

Parent Company:

  • Lisamania Studios (5%)
  • Mapple Studios (5%)

Key People

  • Charlie Simpson (President)
  • Bart Simpson (CEO)
  • Lisa Simpson (Director)
  • Luke Stetson (Director & Chairman)



  • Lisa Simpson (own 10%)
  • Charlie Simpson (own 50%)

Ginormous Pictures Headquarters
Ginormous Pictures Headquarters

Ginormous Productions (2016–Present)

It was announced by B&L, Inc. and Chalmskinn Productions that Ginormous Pictures will have a subdivision ''Ginormous Productions''  coming 2016 also it will bring ''NEW SHOWS'' to B&L, Channel 6 & FOX Network. The Productions will replace ''Ginormous Cartoons''. The Company is owned by Bart Simpson and Dope Entertainment (50% Each). It replaced One-Week-Wonder-Film


  • Bart Simpson (CEO/Chairman)
  • B&L Entertainment (Parent Company)
  • Chalmskinn Productions (Partner Company)
  • Ginormous Pictures (Parent Company)
  • Ginormous Films (Subdivision) 
  • Ginormous Cartoons (Subdivision) 

Key People

  • Bart Simpson (B&L Entertainment: 2012–Present)
  • Ginormous Pictures (2012–Present)
  • Alec Baldwin (CEO/Chairman) (2016–)


  • Ginormous Films 
  • Ginormous Pictures 
  • Ginormous Cartoons (Formerly: Now Ginormous Productions)
  • Ginormous TV (COMING SOON: 2018)
  • One-Week Wonder Films 
  • McBain Films (Founded by Rainier Wolfcastle in 2012)
  • McBain Corporation (Founded by Mapple/McBain Publishing Corp), Replaced by LisaMania 
  • Ginormous Music (Label)
  • One-Week-Wonder-Films (Closed)

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Former Official Partner 2009–2015
Former Official Partner 2009–2015
Official Partner  2010–2016
Official Partner 2010–2016
Former Partner (2008–2010)
Former Partner (2008–2010)
Official Partner 2012–19
Official Partner 2012–19
Monorail owned by Mapple Inc. 2012–2014
Monorail owned by Mapple Inc. 2012–2014
Proud sponsors of Itchy & Scratchy Show (2016 – Present)
Proud sponsors of Itchy & Scratchy Show (2016–Present)
Proud Sponsors of Kidz Newz (2012–Present) (Renewed)
Proud Sponsors of Kidz Newz (2012–Present) (Renewed)