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Kidz Newz Logo 2010–Present

Kidz Newz is an American Children's news show, the show is currently on FOX and owed by B&L Media Group



Bart Simpson (2010–Present) (Head Producer/Director/Writer)

Luke Stetson (2017Present) (Co-Producer & Head of Writer)

Lisa SImpson (2010–16, 2018–Present) (Presenter only)

Charlie Simpson (2014–Present) (Head Director/Producer)

Kidz Newz   Presenters   Channel    Original Run
Created by Lisa & Bart  

Bart Simpson

Charlie Simpson

Lisa Simpson

Luke Stetson



Channel 6  

April 2, 2010 – Present

Bart's People   Presenter   Channel   Original Run:

Created by Bart

  Bart Simpson   Channel 6  

April 12, 2012–Present

On Hiatus:

Current Season


Newz U Can Uze

  Presenters   Channel    Original Run:

Original Creator:

Created by Lisa & Bart

Remake Creator:

Bart, Charlie & Luke


Milhouse (2012–13)

Simon (2013–15, 2018)

Jessica (2016)

Luke & Charlie (2017)


Channel 6


July 4, 2012–May 2015

Second Series:

April 2016 – Present


Kidz Newz: Update

  Presenters   Channel   Original Run

Created by Charlie


Ralph (2012–14)

Charlie (2014)

Lisa (2019–)

  Channel 6  

April 14, 2012 – Present

Presenters:   Seasons:   Status:
Bart Simpson   2010–Present  

On Hiatus

Charlie Simpson   2014–Present   On Hiatus
Luke Stetson  



On Hiatus

Lisa Simpson  





Simon W  

2013–15, 2017




Former Presenters:  




Nelson Muntz  




Milhouse V Houten  




Ralph Wiggum  




Jessica Lovejoy  




Mapple Pride Sponsors of Kidz Newz
Mapple Pride Sponsors of Kidz Newz

Current Presenters


Bart Simpson (2010–Present) (Kidz Newz & Bart's People) (Producer) (On Hiatus spending time with Charlie & Luke)

Lisa Simpson (2010–16, 2018–Present) (Kidz Newz)

Charlie Simpson (2014–Present) (Kidz Newz: Live Update & Kidz Newz)

Luke Stetson (2017Present) 

Simon Woosterfield (2013–15, 2017, 2019–Present) (New You Can USZ: till Luke and Bart back)




Former Presenters

Nelson Muntz (2010–13)

Milhouse Van Houten (2010–13) (Not Returning)

Ralph Wiggum (2012–14) (Deceased: 2017) 

Jessica Lovejoy (2016) (Newz You Can UZE)


Kidz Newz: Live

Has been renamed to ''Kidz Newz: Live Update'' presented by Charlie Simpson 2014–2015

Kidz Newz: Live Update will be axed this year (2015)


2010–13: First Aired and Departing of Milhouse and Nelson

Kidz Newz started in 2010 on Channel 6, Milhouse and Nelson Quit in 2013 after a fallout with the presenters

2014–15: Ralph quit and Charlie joins

A year after Milhouse and Nelson quit the show Ralph left in 2014 and Charlie joined the show replacing Ralph 

2016–17: Lisa steps down as Presenter for Kidz Newz

In 2016 Lisa announced her quit the show after 7 years on the show. Luke (Bart's best friend) joins the show after Lisa Quit

201819: Lisa Re-joins and Bart's people hiatus

Lisa returned to the show after a year off

2019Present: New Series and Announcement

Bart announced a new series of Kidz Newz to be aired in 2019, Bart announced himself, Charlie and Luke will be having a break from the show But the show will  be carried on with Lisa and Simon

Bart's People

Bart's People Official Logo 2012–P
Bart's People Official Logo 2012–P

Bart's People is an American Talk show presented by Bart Simpson


Bart's People is on Hiatus due to Bart presenting Krusty's Talent Contest with Lisa and Charlie

Bart's People is a Talk show on Kidz Newz first  shown in 2012–Present Presented by Bart Simpson who also Created the show.



2012–14: Guests:

Ralph Wiggum (2014)

Jimbo Jones (2012)

Nelson Muntz (2012)


2015–2016: Guests:

Simon Woosterfield (2016)

Krusty the Clown


2015–Present: Hiatus


No Link
Logo used from 2012–2013: The New logo will be from 2014–Present

NEWZ YOU CAN UZE is part of Kidz Newz 



Milhouse Van Houten (2012–13)

Simon Woosterfield (2013–15, 2017, 2019–Present)

Charlie Simpson (2014–15) (Co-Presenter and Presenter for Kidz Newz: Live Update)

Luke Stetson (2017–Present)

Newz You Can Uze (formerly known as NEWZ YOU CAN UZE) is part of Kidz Newz that was Presented by Party Posse's Milhouse Van Houten until 2013 when he announced his quit. In 2015, It was announced that NEWZ You Can Uze has been axed.


Sponsored by

B&L Group, LLC (2010–12)

B&L Inc. (2012–15, 2016–) (Mapple, Inc.)



Luke Stetson (2018–Present: on holiday)

Jessica Lovejoy (April 2016 – June 2016) (Sacked)

Simon Woosterfield (2013–15. 2017, 2019–present)

Charlie Simpson (2014–15) (Co-Presenter)

Milhouse Van Houten (2012–13) (Formerly)


Original Run:

May 2, 2010 – May 2015

Revived Series:

April 2018 – Present

Kidz Newz: Live Update

Mr. Sparkle proudly Sponsors Kidz newz: Live Update 2012–Present
Mr. Sparkle proudly Sponsors Kidz newz: Live Update 2012–Present

Kidz Newz: Live Update is proudly sponsors by Mr. Sparkle (2012–Present)



  • Bart Simpson (2012–Present)
  • Charlie Simpson (2014–Present)


  • Charlie Simpson (2012–Present)

Kidz Newz: Live Update (Formerly Known as Kidz Newz: Live) is a American TV show presentered by Charlie Simpson current on Hiatus (2015–2018).



Charlie Simpson (2014–Present)

Ralph Wiggum (2012–14) (Died)


Ralph Wiggum Story:


Bart Simpson (Ralph's former friend and band member)

Lisa Simpson (Ralph's on and off girlfriend / friend)

Milhouse Van Houten (Ralph's band mate)

Nelson Bullying Centre 

In the New ''Kidz Newz'' Nelson Has A Special Time Where He Does The ''Nelson Bullying Center'', No Information Have Been Giving Except For It Will Involve Nelson, Milhouse, Lisa And Martin

Created by   Presenter:   Starring   Original Run


  Nelson Muntz  





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Former Official Partner 2009–2015
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Official Partner 2010–2016
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Monorail owned by Mapple Inc. 2012–2014
Proud sponsors of Itchy & Scratchy Show (2016 – Present)
Proud sponsors of Itchy & Scratchy Show (2016–Present)
Proud Sponsors of Kidz Newz (2012–Present) (Renewed)
Proud Sponsors of Kidz Newz (2012–Present) (Renewed)