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Mr Teany

Sideshow Mel

Clown Doctor


Channel 24 (2008–11)

Channel 6 (2006–)

FOX (1980–08)


Original Series:

May 1980 – Apirl 2004

Revived Series:

April 2006 – Present


Channel 6

The Krusty the Clown Show has been Renewed for another series. The Show is currently on Hiatus due to Krusty wanting a break from the show.

The Krusty the Clown Show (also known as Krusty the Clown Show) is a American Children TV Show currently shown on Channel 6, FOX and Channel 24.

Krusty Logo 1980–2004 2008–onwords
Krusty Logo 1980–2004 2008–onwords

2008 – Present: Reviewed Series and Hiatus

Starring Year(s) Note
Krusty 1980–04, 2006–Present Host
Mr Teany  1990–04, 2006–present Current
Sideshow Mel 1990–2004, 2006–Present Current
Bart Simpson 2006–08, 2010–16, 2017–19 Former
Lisa Simpson 2010–12, 2013–14, 2017–19 Former
Simon W 2014 (guest), 2019–p Current
Clown Doctor 2002–04, 2006–16, 2018–p Current
Homer Simpson 2019 (sacked) Former
Lisa has announced her Quit again she first started on the show in May 2010 then Start Quit was in April 2012. In 2016 the Show took a hiatus but will be returned in the future.


1980 – 2006: Original Series

Former   First Seen Last Seen Reason
Sideshow Bob   May 1990 April 2006 Fired
Lisa Simpson  


April 2006


April 2010


April 2008


May 2014

Lisa has quit

Bart Simpson  


May 2006


2nd April 2010


April 2008


May 2016

Bart has since left

Nelson Muntz   2nd April 2010 4th April 2010 Fired / Guest
Ralph Wiggum   2nd April 2011 4th April 2011 Guest
Sideshow Mel   May 1990  incorrect  -

Departing Characters

  • Mr. Teany (2020)

The Krusty Late Show

Krusty's Late Show (Also known as The Krusty Late Show) is a upcoming new series starring Krusty the Clown, Sideshow Mel, Mr Teeny and Bart Simpson the show will start in Mid 2016 placing ''Krusty the Clown Show'' which is being axed very soon. 

Starring   Channel    Original Run   Sponsored by

Krusty (creator)

Bart Simpson 

Lisa Simpson

Sideshow Mel (2016–17)

Mr Teeny (2016–17)

Clown Doctor


FOX Network 

Channel 24


Mapple Inc.


The Krusty Late Show is sponsored by Mapple Inc. The Krusty Late Show was axed

2016–17: First Series and 2nd Series

The Show started in April 2016 the main characters are Krusty, Mr Teeny, Sideshow Mel, Clown Doctor and Bart Simpson.

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