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Lisamania Media (Doing Business As Lisamania) is a Mass Media and Television company founded by Lisa & Bart Simpson replacing Mapple-McBain the former merger of Mapple and McBain

Founded:   Founders:   Predecessor:
April 2018   Lisa &Bart Simpson  


Lisamania Logo 2018–Present
Lisamania logo 2018–Present

Lisamania that replaced Mapple-Mcbain Corporation after the merger of Mapple McBain 


Key people:

  • Lisa Simpson (Co-Founder & CEO)
  • Bart Simpson (Co-Founder & Chairman)
  • Charlie Simpson (President)
  • Chloe Talbot (Vice President) (sacked)

Owned by:

  • Lisa Simpson & Bart Simpson (50%)
  • Mapple Inc (50%)

Television Shows: 2018–Present

Programme:   Network:   Created By:   Original Run:
My Sister, My Sister   TBA   Lisa Simpson   TBA–Present
Brotherly Love   TBA   Bart & Lisa   2020–present
The Lisa Show   Channel 6   Lisa Simpson   2019–Present
Sex At Ten   Sex TV   Bart & Lisa   2014–present 
Flanders' Fun Time   Sex TV   Flanders   2020
Wiggum's Fun Time   Sex TV   Chief Wiggum   2019
Krusty's Fuck Hour   Sex TV   Krusty   April  2020
Untitled    Sex TV   Bart & Lisa   2020


  • Petoria Entertainment 
  • Bartoons (Bart's early company)

Owners  & Key People:

  • Lisa Simpson (50%) (CEO & Owner)
  • Bart Simpson (50%)  (Chairman)
  • Charlie Simpson (President)
  • Simon Woosterfield (Board member)
  • Mapple-McBain was closed and replaced by Lisamania 
  • Petoria was brought by Dope Group and merged with Dope Entertainment.
  • B&L will be merged into Lisamania and all it's units will be put under the New company


Board of Directors:

  • Lisa Simpson (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Bart Simpson (Chairman and Vice President)
  • Charlie Simpson (President)
  • Marge Simpson (Board Member) (2018–19: left board of directors)
  • Simon Woosterfield (Board Member & Managing Director)
  • Abe Simpson (Board Member) (2019: left board of directors)

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Former Official Partner 2009–2015
Former Official Partner 2009–2015
Official Partner  2010–2016
Official Partner 2010–2016
Former Partner (2008–2010)
Former Partner (2008–2010)
Official Partner 2012–19
Official Partner 2012–19
Monorail owned by Mapple Inc. 2012–2014
Monorail owned by Mapple Inc. 2012–2014
Proud sponsors of Itchy & Scratchy Show (2016 – Present)
Proud sponsors of Itchy & Scratchy Show (2016–Present)
Proud Sponsors of Kidz Newz (2012–Present) (Renewed)
Proud Sponsors of Kidz Newz (2012–Present) (Renewed)