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Lurleen Lumpkin 2006–Present  

Homer Simpson

Lurleen Lumpkin is a singer-songwriter and presenter of Hollywood Idol who is currently managed by Homer Simpson former member of the be sharps and is signed to B&L, AY Carumba and Mcbain after leaving mr burns media. Lurleen announced her hiatus from Music and Judging shows due to her being pregnant with Homer's first child.


  • Hollywood idol (2008–Present)
  • Kidz Newz (Guest: 2018)
  • The Bart Show (2011,2013,2018)
  • Lurleen Lumpkin Show (2019)
  • Homer Simpson Show (2019)
  • Springfield Idol (2019–20)
  • Lurleen & Homer Show (TBA)


  • Homer Simpson (2006–16, 2017–18, 2020–)
  • Unknown (2016–17)
  • AY Carumba Management (2018–2019)
  • Woosterfield MGMT (2019–2020)


200616: Career start and Your wife doesn't understand you

Lurleen released her first album "Your Wife Doesn't Understand You" after Homer agreed to manage her

201617: Acting andBagged me a homer 

Lurleen released her new album "Bagged me a homer" in 2018

201718: Buck with me tonight

the third album "Buck with me tonight 

2018Present: Stand by your manager & Tour

New album "Stand by your manager" and New TV Series. In 2018 Lurleen announced a world tour "Stand by your Manager". In 2018 Lurleen announced he has slept with Bart. Lurleen is now managed by Simon Woosterfield after AY Carumba dropped her. Lureen announced her retirement from Music due to starting a family with former manager Homer Simpson after he left his wife marge Simpson 

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