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McBain is a retired American Film and Movie Starring Actor's Rainier Wolfcastle from 1990 to 2008 when he announced the reitirement of McBain in 2016. 

McBain (1990)

McBain 2 (1994-1996)

McBain III (2000)

McBain IIII (2004)

McBain Meets Bartman (2008)

McBain VII (2016)

Retirement of McBain (Series 2016–17)


TV Series:

McBain (2006–08, 2010–11) (New Series: 2016–Present)

Up Late with McBain (2008–10, 2012–13)
All New McBain (2019)




Movie By: 

Rainier Wolfcastle 

FOX Network

B&L Entertainment Flims 



Rainier Wolfcaslte (McBain: 1990, 1994, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2016) (Retired)

1990–1996, 2000–2008: McBain Movies

McBain frist shown in 1990 by FOX Network until 1994 when it was movie to Channel 6 and Hollywood Films 



1990: Best Movie

1992: Best Actor

1994: U.S Best Flim

2000: Best McBain III Movie 

2004: Winner Movie of The Year 

2008: Best New Movie ''McBain meets Bartman''

2016–2017: McBain VII Last Ever Movie & Retirement

Rainier Wolfcastle has announced that McBain Movie ''McBain VII will be the last ever as he announced the retirement of McBain!, the last movie will be shown in 2016 also with a final Series of McBain ''Retirement of McBain''


Rainier and McBain films has announced a new series of McBain from 2019 with a new tv series

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