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The Red Dress Press:

It was announced that ''The Red Dress Press is to shut down by Bart & Lisa.



The Itchy and Scratchy Studios (also known as Itchy & Scratchy International)

In 1995, the company was renaming the studio to Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Studios via their Krustylu studio lot


Alvin and Brittany Engagement:

It was announced that Alvin & Brittany are engaged they became engaged on Valentine's Day 2014.


Simon and Jeanette Engagement:

It was announced that Simon and Jeanette are engaged they became engaged in 2014

Theodore and Eleanor Relationship:

Theodore has announced he and Eleanor are a couple.

Breakning News:

The Party Posse are not splitting up they are taking a Hiatus.   


Springfield Talent Show has been AXED.


Channel 24 Media Group is was announced that Actor and Talent Manager Rainier Wolfcastle has became the CEO of Channel 24.


In Next's week series of OK USA! Alvin and Simon's Relationship comes out, What will Brittany think of this read on here 

The Itchy & Scrachy Show

It was announced that The Itchy & Scrachy Show will be ending in 2016 B&L Media said ''The show been going for years and no one is watching it now, Yes we have announced a new logo for the show but it will be it's last ever logo in 2016 the show will be axed and removed from our website but don't worry there will be some repeats series. we have a new show coming soon to our tv but will be annoucing it soon''.


Grab A Cock Day

It been announced that ''Grab A Cock Day'' will go ahead and will be every 2 Years the date and month hasn't beeen announced yet.

Lisa's Pregnant
Lisa's Pregnant

BREAKING NEWS Lisa Pregnant!

Lisa has announced that she and partner / Brother Bart are having a Baby together, Lisa told FOX News ''Yes I'm pregnant with My brother's Baby and I don't care I love him we been at it for years and It never put me off I'm so glad it's Bart's baby'' 


Bart also put ''My girlfriend Lisa is pregnant with our first but not last child it won't stop us making love together Yes I started fucking her but she loved it then We started doing it more and more until she got pregnant No we never used a condom''

Lisa pregnant with Bart's baby but it doesn't stop them from having fun together
Lisa pregnant with Bart's baby but it doesn't stop them from having fun together

Kidz Newz

Ralph Wiggum has announced he is stepping down from ''Kidz Newz: Live'' at the end of 2014, and will be replaced by Greta Wolfcastle or Alvin Seville

In was announced by B&L Group that Milhouse will be returning


It was announced that Bart's son Charlie will be joining Kidz Newz.


Current Presenters:

Lisa Simpson

Bart Simpson

Charlie Simpson


Now Sponsored by 

Mapple Inc. (2012–Incorrect)

Springfield Idol News

Springfield Idol is BACK!  for another amazing season.

To Apply click on the link   Closing date  is 4th April 2014. 


You can no longer apply for Springfield Idol we will contact you as soon as.

Springfield Idol will return in 2015.


It been announced that Springfield Idol will return.

It was announced that Springfield Idol won't return in 2015 but will in 2016 the people who applied will be show in 2016.

Springfield Talent Show

We're happy to announced that Our New Talent Show   ''Springfield Talent Show'' is coming soon to FOX Network. more info at


Springfield Talent Show has been axed and won't be returning next year, it will be removed from B&L Entertainment in the next few weeks. Thanks B&L Media Group


Krusty's Talent Contest will also return as it's hiatus.




Mapple Inc.

Mapple Inc. Official Logo
Mapple Inc. Official Logo

Mapple Inc. is now owned by B&L Inc. since buying it out in 2012 after the death of Steve Mobbs

Itchy & Scratchy News

B&L Group announced that Itchy and Scratchy will NOT BE AXED as they are planning new series for the show in 2016. the new logo will be ready in the next few weeks

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Proud sponsors of Itchy & Scratchy Show (2016–Present)
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Proud Sponsors of Kidz Newz (2012–Present) (Renewed)