Welcome to Petoria

Founded:   Founder:   Owner:   State:
2014–2019   Peter Griffin  

Dope Group (2015–)

Peter Griffin (2014–15)




It was reported that Dope Group will be merging Petoria into Dope Entertainment 

Petoria Entertainment was a Production company founded by Peter Griffin and owned by Mapple Inc and Peter's Wife Lois was CEO until it's merger with Dope Entertainment. PTV merged to C6

Logo from 2014–Present
Logo from 2014–2018 (now merged into Dope Entertainment)

Welcome to Petoria Entertainment founded by Peter and Lois Griffin it is now owned by Dope Entertainment a unit of Mapple inc. Also PTV  closed. Petoria no longer Active 


Key People:

  • Lois Griffin (Co-CEO) (2014–16)
  • Peter Griffin (Founder) (2014–15)
  • Bart Simpson (Chairman) (2015–)
  • Simon Woosterfield (Investor)
  • Lisa Simpson (Head of Production)
  • Mr. Burns (2015–16)

the merger of Petoria and Dope will be in 2018 after the merge the companies will be come one and will be Named ''Dope Entertainment Inc.'' the Petoria name will be closed and PTV will be shut. it was announced that PTV will be still active.

President:   In Office:   Succeeded By:
Peter Griffin   2014 – 2017   Lois Griffin
Lois Griffin   2017 – 2018   Simon Woosterfield


The Merge has Now Closed and Petoria was closed and merged into Dope Entertainment.


Name:   Merged with:   Successor:
Petoria   Dope Group   Dope Entertainment
PTV   Dope Group   Channel 6

Mort Town Records

  AY Carumbia    AY Carumbia Records

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Former Official Partner 2009–2015
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Official Partner 2010–2016
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Former Partner (2008–2010)
Official Partner 2012–19
Official Partner 2012–19
Monorail owned by Mapple Inc. 2012–2014
Monorail owned by Mapple Inc. 2012–2014
Proud sponsors of Itchy & Scratchy Show (2016 – Present)
Proud sponsors of Itchy & Scratchy Show (2016–Present)
Proud Sponsors of Kidz Newz (2012–Present) (Renewed)
Proud Sponsors of Kidz Newz (2012–Present) (Renewed)