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Lisa's Smartline is a late-night panel discussion show aired on Channel 6 and hosted by Kent Brockman it is one of the more highbrow programs on Channel 6, particularly when compared to ''Eye on Springfield'', the opening sequence of which features semi-naked women winking at the viewers. The show invites numerous guests from the local area, each of whom have strong opinions about a certain issue, and has them to participate in debate, Brockman often presents the show in a manner biased to one side of the debate. In 2014 Smartline took a hiatus and is unknown if it will return

Presenter   Network   Sponsored by    Original Run


Bart and Lisa 


Kent Brockman (2004–14)

Alec Baldwin (2014–15)


Channel 6 


Channel 24





KBBL (2004–08)

Mapple (2008–12)

McBain Corp.


Mapple Store



May 2004 – Present

On Hiatus: 

April 2014 – Jan 2015

The show was axed when Kent Brockman was ''Fired'' after he used the ''F'' world on TV but had his job back.
Sponsored by:
KBBL Radio (2004–08,  2019–20)
Mapple Inc. (2008–12)
Ziffcorp (2012–13)
McBain Corporation Inc. (2014–17) (2 and a half deal and Co-production with B&L TV)
Mapple Store (2019–Present)
  • Channel 6 (2004–16)
  • Channel 24 (2017–19) (2020: Repeated)
  • KBBL TV (2019–Present)


  • Kent Brockman (2004–14)
  • Alec Baldwin (2014–15)
  • Lenny Leanard (2015)
  • Bart & Lisa Simpson (2016–)
  • Chloe Talbot (2019)

Sponsored By:

  • KBBL Broadcasting Company (2004–08)
  • Mapple (2008–12)
  • Ziffcorp (2012–13)
  • McBain Films/McBain Corp (2014–17)
  • Mapple Store (2019–)


  • Kent Brockman (2004–14)
  • Alec Baldwin (2014–15)
  • Bart Simpson (2016–)
  • Lisa Simpson (2017–)
  • Chloe Talbot (2019)

Production Companies

  • KBBL Broadcasting Company (2004–08, 2019–Present)
  • Mapple (2008–12)
  • McBain Corp/Mapple Corporation (2014–2017, 2019–Present)
  • B&L TV (2014–2017)
  • Dope Entertainment (2017)

The Logo used 2004–Present
The Logo used 2004–Present

Smartline is on Hiatus and is unknown if it will return


KBBL Bradcasting Company has announced that ''Smartline'' might be re-turning with Alec Baldwin as Presenter


In early 2015 Smartline got renamed to ''New Smartline'' but In April it was announced that show will be axed in April that year.


Since 2016 Bart Simpson has Presented and produced Smartline after Lenny was fired in 2015 

2004–14: Original Run

Since 2004 Smartline had 2 Presenters there was Kent Brockman from 2004 to 2014 then

Alec Bladwin from 2014 To 2015.

2015–16: Smartline & New Shows

Since 2015 Lenny and Carl has been Presenting the show it was renamed to ''Lenny & Carl's Smartline'' sponsored by McBain Corp. The New Series is presented by Lenny since Carl's left the show was renamed to New Smartline  the show is ending in April 2015, since May 2016 Bart has been the presenter of Smartline after Lenny was fired from the show, Bart also produce it and it the writer for the new series.

2017–19: New Season & Lisa joins, Moved to Channel

It was announced that Lisa will be joining the show to help Bart. In May Lisa announced she will not be turning to the show she will be replaced by Luke Stetson, In 2018 channel 24 renewed the show letting Bart and Luke carry on till a new presenter or something happen, In 2018 Smartline moved from Channel 6 to Channel 24 with Bart and Luke still presenting the News since Lisa left again. The Show is now ended

Presenters as of 2017present)

  • Bart Simpson (Main Presenter)
  • Luke Stetson (Co-Presenter)

2019–Present:  Smartline renamed & Final Season

In 2019 Bart Simpson will step down as Presenter on Smartline, He will be more on his own Show and Lisa will be replacing him, The show will be renamed as "Lisa's Smartline" now on KBBL for the first time.  It was announced that Bart and Lisa will carry on doing the show their own way.

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Monorail owned by Mapple Inc. 2012–2014
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