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Spring Shield is a security agency in Springfield that Homer Simpson created to help protect Springfield that later replaced Clancy Wiggum as Springfield Police

Active:   Chief of Police:   Replaced:   Successor: 
2015–Present   Homer Simpson    Clancy Wiggum  

Carl Carlson

The SpringShield logo from 2015–Present
The SpringShield logo from 2015–Present

The Official Logo for SpringShield since 2015 founded by Homer Simpson


Chief of Police:

  • Homer Simpson (2015–16)
  • Carl Carlson (2016–17)
  • Ned Flanders (2017–19: Acting Chief)
  • Chloe Talbot (2019–Present: New and First Female)
Chief of SpringShield   In Office   Processor:   Successor:
Homer Simpson   2015–16   Clancy Wiggum   Carl Carlson
Carl Carlson   2016–17   Homer Simpson   Ned Flanders
Ned Flanders (Acting)   2017–19   Carl Carlson   Chloe Talbot
Chloe Talbot   2019–   Ned Flanders    

2015–16: Formed and Chief of Police

SpringShield formed in 2015 by Homer Simpson former Chief of Police who replaced Clancy Wiggum as Chief of Police for Springfield Police

2016–19: New Chief of Police and Announcement

In 2016 Carl Carlson replaced Homer Simpson who stepped down as Chief.

In 2017 Carl announced that he will be stepping down as Chief of SpringShield in 2018

2019–Present: Chief of Police Chloe Talbot

since 2018 Ned Flanders became Chief of Police replacing Carl Carlson, since Ned took over Springfield has been safer than before. Chloe Talbot became the new and first female Chief of Police

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