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The Bartman is an upcoming series that replaced ''Superheroes'' the series will show ''The Bartman'' and some of the former cast from Superheroes it will be on Channel 6 and Channel 24. The Series will run a second series.



Bart Simpson (Bartman/Stretch Dude) (Ep 1–Present) (Taking a break)

Lisa Simpson (Clobber Girl) (Ep 1–10) (Taking abreak)

Homer Simpson (Pieman) (Ep 1, 2–3, ?

Milhouse Van Houten (House Boy) (Ep 1–2, 4–6, 8–10) (Leaving Again)

Abe (The Rambler) (Ep 2–3) (former)

Rainier Wolfcastle (Radioactive Man (Ep 2–4, 6–7) (Killed Off)

and more to be announce 

Starring Channel Created by Original Run

Bart (Ep 1–10) (On Break)

Lisa (Ep 1–10) (on break)

Milhouse (Ep 1–2, 4–6)

Homer (Ep 1, 2–3)

Abe (Ep 2–3, 8)

Charlie (TBA)

Rainier (Ep 2–4, 6–7)

Lenny (Ep 6–7, 12–)

Mr. Burns (Ep 2,4, 12–13)

Channel 6


Bart Simpson

Lisa Simpson

May 2014–May 2016

On Hiatus:

May 2015–May 2016

Actors Characters: Series
Bart Simpson  Bartman / Cupcake Kid / Stretch Dude 1–10
Lisa Simpson  Clobber Girl 
Homer Simpson PieMan  (1, 2–3) (Now killed off)
Milhouse V Houten  Fallout boy (1–2) / House Boy (4–8)
1–2, 4–8
Rainier Wolfcastle Radioactiveman (Ep 1–4) only 1–4
Abe Simpson The Rambler  (2–3)  2–3 only

Nick Fury (Leader)

Mr. Burns (Fruit Bat Man)

Abe Simpson (The Rambler)

Jasper Beardly (Early Bird)

Alice Glick (Hot Flash)

Hans Moleman (Iron Lung)

The Dependables: Unofficial







Characters   Series

Herb Power (Ep 6–7)

Lenny (Ep 8–11)

Alec Baldwin (Ep 12–14)

  Bad Bat Man   6–14
Charlie Simpson   Bat Boy   TBA
Ned Flanders   Super Ned   6 only
Ron & Todd Flanders   Super Nerds   8, ?
Jessica Lovejoy   N/A   9 only
Alec Baldwin   TBA   TBA



Actors   Charachers   Note   Series
Homer Simpson  

Pie Man




1, 2–3, 9

Milhouse   House Boy   Current   1–2, 4–6, 8–9
Mr Burns   Fruit Bat Man   Left   2, 4 only
Abe Simpson   The Rambler   Left   2–3
Rainier Wolfcastle   Radioactiveman   Killed Off   1–4, 6–7
Ned Flanders   Super Ned   Possible   6, 8, ?
See Below   The Dependables   Off screen   N/A
Lenny   Bad Bat Man   Former   6–8
Jessica Lovejoy   One screen   Former   9 only
It was announced that Pieman is now KILLED OFF The Show.
It was announced that Radioactiveman will be KILLED OFF to



Actor   Characters   Note   Series
Milhouse    House Boy    Returned   8–9
Lenny    Bad Bat Man   Killed Off   8–10
Ned     Super Ned   Could Be   6, 8, 12–14
Homer   Pieman   Could Be   1–3

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