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1986–2001, 2015–2017


Ginormous Music

The Be Sharps were a band from Springfield with Members Home Simpson, Barney Gumble, Apu and Seymour Skinner. The Final Album will be "The Be-Sharps Goodbye The Greatest Hits"


Year Active: 19862001, 201517, 2019Present



  • The Be Sharps Tour (1986)
  • Meet The Be Sharps (1990)
  • The Be Sharps World Tour (2001)
  • The Be Sharps Reunion  Tour (2015)
  • The Be Sharps Come Back Tour (2016)
  • The Be-Sharps Farewell: End of the Road Tour (2017)
  • The Return of The Be-Sharps Tour: On the Road Again (2019–Present)
    • (The First Tour since returning as a band)


  • Homer Simpson (19862001, 2015–17, 2019–Present)
  • Barney Gumble (1988–2001, 2015–17, 2019–Present: replaced Clancy Wiggum)
  • Seymour Skinner (19862001, 2015–17, 2019–Present)
  • Apu (1986–2001, 2015–17, 2019–Present)

Former Member:

  • Clancy Wiggum (19861988) (Former)



19861988: Formed and Wiggum Leaves

In 1988 Clancy was replaced by Barney Gumble

19881990: Meet the Be Sharps

in 1990 the band released their album ''Meet the Be Sharps''

19901996: Tour and Hiatus

the band went on Hiatus from 1996 to 2000

19962000: Hiatus

the band went on hiatus in 1996

20002001: Solo projects and Split

the band split up in 2002

201516: Future and Past Be Sharps

In 2015 The Be Sharps announced a World Tour. In 2016 the band announced a reunion Tour. The band announced they will be going their own ways in 2017 after their world tour.

2016–17: 3 Yr Hiatus, Solo Career & Future!

In 2016 it was reported that the be sharps took another hiatus this time one for up to 3 years. Homer and the members are focusing on their solo career for now but they could be returning after 3 yrs, Homer has announced that the band might reform in the Future or sooner if they solo careers goes well, the next day Barney said "If we do reform we might have a new album, tour or something new but we have not made any plans just yet". In August Homer announced the band will be reforming one day in the future

2019–Present: The Be-Sharps reunion

It was announced once again the be sharps has return as a band


Homer's Solo Career

19862002: The Be Sharps

Homer was the lead singer in the band

20022004: Solo and Acting

Homer didn't release any albums

2015–2019: Be Sharps Reunion & Solo 

It was announced that Homer has rejoined The Be Sharps on their Reunion Tour

2019–Present: Be Sharps Hiatus and That Girl i love!

Homer took a break from music to focus on his family, Homer will be releasing his number one single ''That Girl i love'' by Ginormous Music. Homer announced his "That Girl I Love Tour" for 2019, Homer announced he could be quitting the band all together. Homer told Channel 6 News "Yes Apu is leaving the band to focus on his solo career, We've made some announcements about the band that will be add to our website, the future is over".


Barney's Solo Career

19882002: The Be Sharps

was a member of the band

20022006: Solo

Barney did one tour

20152017: Be Sharps Reunion

Barney announced he would be joining The Be Sharps on Their Reunion

2017: Solo & Projects 

Barney announced he might not return with the band, Barney announced he has signed with Ginormous Music to release his new album. In 2017 Barney will be planning his future tours.

Ginormous Music announced they have dropped Barney 

2019–Present: Return with The Be Sharps

The band has once returned


Seymour' Solo Career:

1986–2002: The Be Sharps

Seymour was a member for the band until they split up

2002–2006: Solo Music, Army  & Teaching

After the band split Seymour didn't get anyway with his solo so he joined the Army from (200208), He then became a Teacher at Springfield.

2015–2016: The Be Sharps Reunion

Seymour also joined the following member of their reunion and will be leaving after

2017: Hiatus and Return to Teaching

Seymour announced he will be taking time off. Seymour will be returning to teaching

2019–Present: Return with The Be Sharps

 The band has once returned


Apu Solo Career:

1986–2002: The be Sharps

Apu was a original member of the be sharps with Homer, Barney and Seymour

2002–04: Solo Career

Apu announced his solo career

201517: Be Sharps Reunion

Apu joined Band on their tour. Apu announced he will be leaving the band after it's current tour.

2017–19: Solo Career & End of Music Career

Apu announced his solo career and announced his will be leaving Springfield, When asked by Channel 6 News about the band he said "I'm leaving springfield so I will be leaving the band all together to start my own career but the band future isn't over yet, I wish them the best of luck in the future"

2019–Present: Return with The Be Sharps


The band has once returned

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