The Happy Little Elves

The Happy Little Elves are a fictional children's program, often resembling a cross between The Smurts, Snorks, Arstrosnik, Oakie Doke, Teleltubbles, Noddy's toyland Adventures and Care Bears First appears in the short  of The Tracey Ullman Show called Grandpa & the Kids. The characters in the happy little elves are often crudely drawn and are generally aimed at younger children They have spawned several direct-to-video films. Merchandising includes posters, lunchboxes, shirts, dolls.



Created by   Network   Sponsored   Original Run
Channel 6 Studios   Channel 6    Channel 6   1990–Present
Original Run:
April 1990 – incorrect 
Owned by:
FOX Network (1990–incorrect)
Mapple Films Corp (2004–Present) (Co Owner and Co Creator)

Movies and Films Listings

  • The Return of the Happy Little Elves 
  • The Happy Little Elves Meet the Curious Bear Cub 
  • The Happy Little Elves in Tinkly-Winkly Town
  • The Happy Little Elves Meet Fuzzy Snuggleduck (Rated R)
  • The Happy Little Elves Each Other's Company
  • The Happy Little Elves Happy Little Picnic 
  • Attack of The Happy Little Elves  (2002)
  • The Happy Little Elves 2: The Legend of Doofy's Gold

Cast of Characters

  • Moldy  the elder. He has bottle-thick lenses. dark green skin w/ darker green ''Liver spots'' all over.
  • Bubbles  He has 2 buck teeth , 3-button shirt, cone hat leaning backwards
  • Yendor  He has the blue-striped shirt, hat flopped-over backwards
  • Doofy  He has a single star on his shirt and a cone-shaped hat learning forwards
  • Cheery  The chick with big, blond hair
  • Brainy  He has no hat, big skull and glasses
  • Chilly  (''the elf that connot love'') frowns, seen on the cover of the video in ''Enchanted''. hat flops over to the side.
  • Cloomy - The self-hating elf (apparently resembles Bart, as stated by Lisa in ''Scary Movie''.)
  • Smiley - Probably a happy elf
  • Giggly - Probably giggles alot
  • Happy - Probably always happy.

Their co-stars in Elfland include:

  • Curious Bare Cub  - the curious cub, who is green, with a smile and a big nose: and fuzzy
  • Snuggleduck - it appears in the ''R'' Rated movie The Happy Little Elves Meet Fuzzy Snuggleduck a doll is shown in ''Give me Merchandising or Give me Death''
  •  Captain Cook - their resident bad guy and stereotypical pirate charachter, with a Jolly Roger pirate hat, snaggle-teeth, eyepatch and pegleg.

1990–2019: First Series and Films

In 2015, It was announced that Rainier Wofcastle would be joining the Cast as the New Voice of Moldy. In 2016 it was announced that the show will be ending.


In 2019 Bart will be doing the voice of four

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