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''The Party Posse''   The Band   2008–13
''Drop Da Bomb''   The Party Posse   2013
''Sign Me Up''   Bart Simpson   2014
''Silent G''   Party Posse   2015

''Special Girl''

''Special Girl Remix''

  Bart Simpson  


''Let's Re-Up Tonight''   The Band   2020–21
Here we are  

Bart Simpson


Touring Members:

Tour Member:   Year:   Note:
Simon Woosterfield  



Best's Best Friend

Charlie Simpson   2012Present   Bart's Adopted Son
Steve Smith   2016   Former Friend
Luke Stetson   2016Present   Bart's Friend
Jake Boyman   2019Present   Seasonal Member

The Party Posse!

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Bart Simpson

Ralph Wiggum 

Nelson Muntz

Milhouse V Houten


Smash Records (2008–10)

B&L Music (2010–Present)

Party Posse Records (2012–)

McBain Records (2013–18)


Drop Da Bomb (2012)

Sign Me Up (2013)

Silent G (2014)

Special Girl (2016–17)

Let's Re-Up Tonight (2020)



(On Hiatus)

The Party Posse Tours
  • Drop Da Bomb Tour (2011–12)
  • Sign Me Up Tour (2013)
  • Silent G Tour (2014)
  • Special Girl Tour (20th April 2016 – July 2017)
  • Farewell Hits Tour: End of the Road (TBA) (Future)
  • The Party Posse: On The Road Tour (July 2015 – April 2016)
  • B12 World Tour Ft The Party Posse (2016) (cancelled due to illness)
  • The Party Posse: On The Road Again Tour (2017 Canceled) Ft Luke, Charlie and Boy Bomb
  • Special Girl Remix Tour (20192020) (Bart's Tour)
  • Let's Re-Up Tonight Tour (June 2020  July 2020)
  • The Party Posse Tour (2019)
  • The Be-Sharps Farewell End of The Road Tour (2019: Supporting Act with Girl Power)


  • Bart Simpson (2008–Present)
  • Milhouse Van Houten (2008–Present)
  • Nelson Muntz (2008–Present)
  • Ralph Wiggum (†) (Deceased?) (2008–Present)

Past Member

  • Simon Woosterfield (Producer and Seasonal Tour Member)


Official Twitter:

Bart's Twitter

Ralph's Twitter (Closed Down)

Nelson's Twitter

Milhouse's Twitter:


Touring Members:

Simon Woosterfield (2012–2016)  (Bart's best mate)

Charlie Simpson (2012–Present) (Bart's adopt son)

Steve Smith (2016–17) (Bart's newest friend)

Luke Stetson (2016–Present) (Bart's friend)

Ginormous Music (2017–Present)
Maria Wolfcastle (2015–17)
Rainier Wolfcastle (2010–2015)
L.T. Smash (2008–10)
Smash Recordz (2008–10)
B&L Music (2010–Present)
Party Posse Records (2012–Present: Founded by the band)
McBain Music (2013–18)
Music Career
2008–12: Founded & Record Deal
The Party Posse Founded in 2008 by Talent Manager L.T. Smash, But was dropped in 2010 
2012–13: Drop Da Bomb
The Party Posse Released their first album in 2010, Later signing with Bart's Records in 2010
2013–14: Sign Me Up
Released their '''Sign Me Up''' in 2011.
2014–15: Silent G
Out In 2013, also the party posse did their ''Silent G Tour''
2016–17: Special Girl & The Party Posse Life
'''Special Girl''  OUT NOW! Sold Out
2017–19: Special Girl Remix Album and World Tour
 The Party Posse announced their Special Girl Remix Album and Special Girl World Tour visit to book tickets.
2019–20: Hiatus and Fifth Album Let's Re-Up Tonight
In 2016 the band announced their hiatus and a fifth album to be released soon.
the band announced their world tour ''The Party Posse: On the Road Again Tour'' Ft Luke Stetson
In 20119 the band announced they're working on their next album with a world tour the album will be called ''Let's Re-Up Tonight'' that will be released in 2020/2021 after their hiatus.
2020–Present: Let's Re-Up Tonight, Tour and Short-hiatus
After the band hiatus they are working on their next album ''Let's Re-Up Tonight'' ready for 2020 and a world tour that will be having former Member Ralph Wiggum back!, the band announced a short-hiatus until about 2021 and being released by their own label 'Party Posse Records'. The Band will be on a Permanent Hiatus. It was reported that the band will not be on a permanent hiatus Bart has announced. He told Channel 6 ''No We're not on a permanent hiatus we just on a short break to focus on our solo projects.  I will be on 2020 Tour. But we'll be back! I know that''
Bart's Solo Career
2012–13: Record Deal & Tour
Bart signed a record deal with B&L Music which he founded with his sister Lisa in 2008.
2013–14: Special Girl & Touring
Bart released his ''Special Girl'' album in 2013 early 2014 and will be touring with his son Charlie in 2014.
2014–17: Fatherhood & Touring with Charlie 
Bart announced via His Twitter that him and Charlie will be touring in May. 
2017–19:  Deep Deep Trouble & Other projects with Luke Stetson
Bart announced he got big plans for 2017, Bart recorded his new Album ''Deep Deep Trouble''
In 2017 Bart is working along side his partner Luke Stetson, Bart will be on His world tour with Luke Stetson in 2019
2019–Present: World Tour  with Charlie & Deep Deep Trouble 
Bart announced his world tour for 2018 with Luke and Charlie, Bart new album Deep Deep Trouble is out April 2019, Bart's new album ''Deep Deep Trouble'' set to be released 2018, Bart will be releasing a new video of "Special Girl". In 2019 Bart announced his new song ''Sex on Fire'' Ft Lisa & Charlie. He later announced his other album ''Light Up Sex with Me'' Ft Luke
Ralph's Solo Career 
2012–15: Solo Project & Leaves Party Posse
In 2014, Ralph announced he will be doing other things in 2014 After the party posse's special girl tour. 
2015–Present: Leaves The Party Posse, Solo and Return to the band
In 2015, Ralph quit the band after returning home early from their world tour. He has signed with Mr. Burns Media since 2015..
Milhouse's Solo Career
2014–16: Solo Record Deal and Future
Since leaving B&L Music 2012 Milhouse signed a records deal with Mr. Burns Media and is currently signed to this day. Milhouse will be working on his First Solo single after The Party Posse Tour. Milhouse is currently signed to McBain Music
2016–Present: Solo Album & Shelbyville Idol 
Milhouse announced he has signed with McBain Music and will release his first solo album. In 2017 Milhouse announced his first world tour. Milhouse announced he will be the New Presenter of Shelbyville Idol replacing Temporary Presenter Lisa Simpson he was later fired
Nelson's Solo Career
2012–14: Signed to Mr. Burns Media
Since Leaving B&L Entertainment (formerly Bart's Records) Nelson has signed with Mr. Burns Media and is currently signed to day. In 2014 Nelson took a break from music to do others things.
2014–16: Solo and Album
Since The Party Posse went on Hiatus in Late 2015 early 2016 Nelson is set to release his solo album ''Girls Like it Hard''
2016–19: Girls like it hard and Tour
Nelson released his solo album "Girls Like It Hard" in 2016-2017 followed by A World Tour starting
2019–Present: Tour & Ride Me, Girl
In 2019. Nelson announced he will become a father.. Nelson announced his new album ''Ride me, Girl''
Simon Woosterfield Career:
2012–2016: Tour Member for The Party Posse
Simon was the official tour member for the band from 2012 to 2016 he later announced he wont be returning with the band.
2016–2019: Other Projects and Producer for the band
Simon became the official Producer for the band's album and will be working their on the fifth album. Simon announced he will be stepping down as Producer for B12. Simon will be stepping down as Producer for Party Posse in 2019. Simon announced he and Lisa are dating.
2019–Present: Future Projects and Announcement
In 2019 Simon announced he will be joining Bart and Lisa back on Kidz Newz
Luke Stetson Career:
201619: Working with Bart Simpson and Signed to B&L
Luke started working with Bart and on his 2017 World tour. Luke announced his tour with Bart.
2019–Present: Band Producer and seasonal member
In 2019 Luke will be the band producer and seasonal member, still signed to B&L
Charlie Simpson Career:
201217: Tour Member for the Party Posse & Solo
Charlie joined The Party Posse as A Tour Member he also goes on tour with Bart and has his own career
2017–19: Touring with Bart
Charlie will be on Bart's ''Deep Deep Trouble Tour'' 2019 and will be working with him on the next world tour
2019present: Deep Deep Trouble Ft Bart Tour
Charlie will be touring with Bart with his new album for 2019 "Deep Deep Trouble"
Jake Boyman Career:
2019–Present: Seasonal Tour Member
Jake joined the band as a Seasonal Tour Member 

The Party Posse News

The Party Posse have announced their Hiatus

It was announced that The Party Posse will be releasing an New Album in 2014/15.


The Party Posse have announced via Twitter they will be going their own ways in 2016 after their split.


In 2017 the band announced their next album ''Let's Re-Up Tonight'' 2018

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