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The Logo from 2014–Present
The Logo from 2014–Present, on hiatus: 2016–2020
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Marge Simpson

Bart Simpson

Lisa Simpson

  Bart, Lisa and Marge  





2014–2016: Founded and Frist Years

After Bart, Marge and Lisa created ''The Three Mouthketeers'' they have been to ever part of Springfield

2016–2020: Hiatus and Different ways

After two year together The Three Mouthketeers announced they will be taking a long break to focus on more things. In 2017 Dope Entertainment announced a second season of The Three Mouthkeeers starring Marge, Lisa and Bart (creator). In 2019 Marge announced the Three Mouthkeers could be returning in the future but the TV show will still be running

2020–Present: Reunion after Hiatus! & Book Signings 

The Three Mouthketeers have announced their return!, the show will be still on hiatus till 2021 but we'll be going around Springfield doing book signings

The Three mouthketeers (TV Series)

Created by:   Starring:   Productions:   Original Run:
Bart & Lisa   Bart, Lisa & Marge   Dope Entertainment  

April 2015 – present

On Hiatus: Since 2021




  • 1 (2015–2016)
  • 2 (2019–2020)
  • 3 (2020–Present)

Production Company:

  • B&L Television Production (Since 2020)
  • Dope Entertainment (2017–Present)
  • B&L Entertainment (2015–16, 2017Present)
  • 3Sim Productions (2020–Present)
  • Petoria (2015)


  • Lisa Simpson (2015–19, 2020) (Now Director)
  • Bart Simpson (2015–Present)  (Also Creator and Writer)
  • Luke Stetson (2017Present)
  • Marge Simpson (till 2015)
  • Simon Woosterfield (2017) (Replaced by Luke Stetson)



2015–17: Season One and Hiatus

It was announced that The Three Mouthketeers will be on hiatus

2017–19: Hiatus and Season 2

Dope Entertainment a second season of the show starring Marge, Lisa and Bart (creator). the show will be more than just eating, Bart has announced there will be sexual things between himself and Lisa. Marge will have a little part in the new season. The new season will be aired in 2019

2019–Present: Season 2, 3 & Hiatus again

In 2017 Bart announced there will be a season 2 of the show produced by Dope, Bart announced the show will once again go on hiatus again after Season 3/4

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