Kidz Newz

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Kidz Newz  

Bart & Lisa & Charlie   


Started in 2010  


Bart's People   Bart Simpson   Started in 2012   2012–p

Kidz Newz: Live


Ralph Wiggum (2012–14)

Charlie Simpson (2014–)


All  New Series





Milhouse  (2012–13)

Simon (2014–15)


All new Series



Father's Day Special


Bart, Charlie & Lisa


Special series



Current Presenters:
Bart Simpson  (2010–present) (On Tour with Charlie and The Party Posse)
Charlie Simpson (2014–Present) (On Tour with Bart)
Luke Stetson (2017–Present)

Former Presenters:
Milhouse Van Hauten (2010–13)
Nelson Muntz (2010–13)
Ralph Wiggum (2012–14)
Lisa Simpson (2010–16) (stepped down)
Greta Wolfcastle (2014–15) (sacked)
Simon Woosterfield (2014–15)
In 2014 it was reported by Channel 6 Kidz Newz is on Hiatus.
Ralph has announced via twitter he is to step down as Presenter for ''Kidz Newz: Live''
It was announced by B&L Group that Kidz Newz: Live will now be repeats until they find a new presenter.
It was announced that Kidz Newz: Live will become ''Kidz Newz: Live Update'' presentered by Charlie Simpson Bart's son
In 2016 Lisa quit the show and was replaced by Luke (Bart's on/off boyfriend)

The Bart & Lisa Show

Programme:     Presenters:   Channel:    Oringal Run:
The Bart & Lisa Show   Bart and Lisa   Channel 6   April 2014–Present


'The Bart & Lisa Show' officially starts soon on FOX
Starting Date:
April 2014 (Now started on FOX)
Sponsored by:
  • B&L Entertainment (Current) 
  • Ginormous Productions (2015–)

Krusty's Talent Contest

Current Judges:       Presenters:                     Channel:    Year(s)

Kent Brockman (2014)

Ned Flanders (2014–)

Rainier Wolfcastle (10–)

Sara Sloane (2014–)


Bart Simpson (2008–)

Lisa Simpson (2010–)

Charlie Simpson (2014–)


Fox (2008–)

B&LTV (10–)



On Hiatus (14–)

The Show is currentlly on Hiatus and will return in the near future! - B&L Media Inc.

Current Presenters:
  • Bart Simpson (2008–Present, On Tour with The Party Posse)
  • Lisa Simpson (2010–Present, Touring with her band Girl Power)
  • Charlie Simpson (2014–Present, Touring with Bart)
Current Judges
  • Kent Brockman (2014–Present) (Former Presenter on Springfield Idol)
  • Ned Flanders (2008–10, 2014–Present) (Ned Has replaced Marge Simpson)
  • Sara Sloane (2014–Present) (Also does Springfield Idol)


Former Judges

  • Ned Flanders (2008–10, 2014–present) (Now a judge on Springfeild Idol)
  • Marge Simpson (2008–14) (marge has Quit being a judge on the show)
  • Krusty  (2008–14) (Krusty is on his World Tour and has announced his quit)
  • Rainier Wolfcastle (2010–13) (Also does Springfield Idol)



  • B&L Entertinmanent (2010–Present)
  • Krustyul Studio (2008–10)
  • FOX Network (2008–Present)
  • Channel 24 (2010–2012, 2014–Present)

In 2014, it was reported that the show would be on Hiatus

Bart is currently on tour with The Party Posse for their ''Speical Girl Tour 2014''.

Lisa is on tour with Girl Power for Their ''Half of Me 2014 Tour''.

Rainier is taking part in his new movie ''Mrs Mom''  (for tickets see

It was reported that Marge has quit the show after 7 years as Judge.

It was reported that Krusty will not return as Judge for the next season.
It was announced that The Krusty's Talent Contest would return with 'New Name' for the next season
Rainier announced via Twitter ( His tv show ''The Rainier Wolfcastle Show'' will return next  year 
Bart and Lisa (CEO Of B&L Entertainment) has tweeted that Krusty's Talent Contest has been axed after 7 years on FOX.
Krusty's Talent Contest  News!
Rainier announced he will return for another season.
Bart and Lisa announced they will return.
It was announced that Kent Brockman could be joining Rainier as judge, It was also announced That former judge Ned Flanders has returned as Judge.
It hasn't be announced who with join Rainier as Judge just yet. 
Krusty's Talent Contest Update:
Rainier has signed another 4 year deal (Head Judge)
Bart and Lisa has signed another 2 year deal 
Ned has signed another 2 year deal
Kent has announced he won't be returning for another season.  
It was announced that Ned's Former-girlfriend and co-judge Sara Sloane will be joining the judges.
It was announced that film maker Jay Sherman would be replacing Kent Brockman as Judge
It was announced when the show returns it will have a new name and new judges! 

The Lisa Show

It was announced that The Lisa Show is returning to FOX Network.


Starting Date:

To Be Announced


Sponsored By: 

B&L Entertainment (Current)

B&L Group

Mapple Inc. (Current)

Springfield Idol

Judges:   Presenters:   Channel:    Original run 


Ned Flanders

Sara Sloane (12–)

Krusty (14–)


Bart & Lisa

Jay Sherman


Fox (2012–)

Mapple Inc. (2012–)


Original series:

Apirl 2006–May 2008

Revived series:

May 2012–Present

The Judges:
  • (Head Judge) Rainier Wolfecastle (2012–16) (Judge on Krusty's Talent Contest)
  • Krusty (2014–present) (Former Judge on Krusty's Talent Contest)
  • Ned Flanders (2012–Present) (Judge on Krusty's Talent Contest)
  • Sara Sloane (2012–Present) (Actress, Dancer, Judge and TV Movie Star, Now a mother)  
  • Drederick Tatum (TBA) (Drederick will be taking over from Krusty)

Former Judges

  • Mayor Quimby (2012–13) (Quitted after one year)
  • Moe Szyslak (2006–08) (Original series Judge) (It was announced that Moe will not return to the show)
  • Duffman (2013–14) (Replaced by Krusty)

Current Presenters:

  • Bart & Lisa Simpson (2014–Present)
  • Jay Sherman (Stand In Only)


Former Presenter:

  • Kent Brockman (2012–14) (Quitted)

Springfield Idol News

Sara Sloane has just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and Signed another 2 Year deal

Duffman has Quit .

Krusty has announced  his plans to Retired next year. 

Kent Brockman has announced his Quit to join Krusty's Talent Contest in 2014.
It was announced that the new presenters would be Bart and Lisa Simpson.
Springfield Idol Judges News:
Rainier Wolfcastle has signed another 4 year deal as Judge.
Sara Sloane has signed another 2 year deal as Judge.
Ned Flanders has signed a 2 year deal as Judge.
Bart and Lisa announced they have now signed a new deal and will stay for another 2 years.
Krusty announced he'll be leaving the show soon as he is planning his Retirement.
It was announced that former World Heavyweight Champion  ''Drederick Tatum'' will be taking over from Krusty the Clown.

Springfield Talent Contest

Former Judges:   Presenter:   Sponsored by    Channel:   Original run

Rainier Wolfcastle

Homer Simpson

Marge Simpson

Sara Sloane


Moe Szyslak


FOX (axed)




Original Series:

2 April – 20 April 2009

Former Judges:
  • Homer Simpson  (2009)
  • Rainier Wolfcastle (2009)
  • Sara Sloane (2009) (Moving to Hollywood)
  • Marge Simpson (2010) (Fired)

Former Presenter:

  •  Moe Szyslak (2009) (Fired)
 Sponsored By
  • Fox Network (2009)
  • Fox Studio (2009)
Springfield Talent Show News:
It was announced that the show would be axed if the rates don't pick up. 
It was announced that ''Springfield Talent Show'' has been axed

Springfield Squares

Programme:    Presenter:   Channel:    Sponsored By    Original run 
Springfield Squares   

Bart Simpson

  Channel 6  





Father's Day Special   Kent Brockman



Mapple Store



15 June 2014–July 2019

Springfield Squares is now on Hiatus Producer Bart Simpson has announced
  • Bart Simpson (2019–Present) (on a 2 year contract)
  • Ned Flanders (2017–18)
  • Rainier Wolfcastle (2009–16) (Sacked)
  • Krusty the Clown (2007–08)
  • Kent Brockman (2004–06)
Sponsored by:
  • Krustylu Studio (2006–12)
  • B&L Entertainment Group (2004–14)
  • FOX (2008–12)
  • Mapple Inc. (2012–Present)

Sponsors for Father's Day Version:

  • KBBL (2014)
  • Mapple (2018–)
Springfield Squares News:
It been announced that Rainier has signed a new deal for Springfield Squares. 
Rainier announced via his twitter page (@RainierOfficial) this will be his last 2 years on Springfield Squares.
It was announced that Homer has begged Bart & Lisa to give him the job on Springfield Squares. 
Bart & Lisa has announced that Actress Sara Sloane will be replacing Rainier when he leaves in 2 years time.
It was announced that Rainier Wolfcastle has been sacked from Springfield Squares
Springfield Squares: Father's Day Special
  • Homer Simpson (15 June 2014) (One Of Special)
  • Ned Flanders (Father's Day Special 2015–17)
  • Sara Sloane (2018–2019)
  • Kent Brockman (2019)
Channel 24 (2014)
Channel 6 (2015–2018)
C6+1  (2019–Present)
It was announced by B&L Media Plc that Springfield Squares would have a one of special show for ''Father's Day'' with Homer Simpson as Presenter, in 2015 it was announced that Father's Day Special would re-turn for another series with Ned Flanders as Presenter from 2015 to present


  • Bart Simpson (2019–P)
  • Ned Flanders (2017–18)
  • Rainier Wolfcastle (2008–16)
  • Krusty the Clown (2007–08)
  • Kent Brockman (2004–06)
Presenter Bart Simpson 2019–Present
Presenter Bart Simpson 2019–Present

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